How The Rife Machine Saved My Life

"I am putting up this site so people who are sick will know there is an answer for their health problems, no matter what the doctors say."
- Margaret Munn

How The Rife Machine Saved My Life

Individual Testing for Rife Frequencies

Using remote muscle testing done on Skype or by telephone I tell you what pathogens you have, what frequencies to use to kill them, and how to use your Rife Machine in the most effective way.
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Rife Practicioner Education

I offer a training course book on how to find the correct frequencies for the killing of all pathogens and how to use all types of Rife Machines in the correct way. This book is only for Health Practitioners who already know how to do muscle testing accurately.
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Pathogens are at the root of most health problems. Rife machines, or frequency therapy, can eliminate pathogens allowing the regaining of health.

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I am putting up this blog so people who are sick will know there is a way to totally remove all bacteria, virus, Candida/fungus and parasites from their entire body. They are a contributing factor of most health problems. Removing pathogens from the body will open the way for the possibility to deal successfully with any health issue. I am not a doctor and am not practicing medicine, but the rife machine is a better way to totally remove all pathogens from the body than herbs or drugs given by medical doctors or naturopathic doctors.

Healing requires at least 4 stages or parts which will overlap in their execution or be done one after another when I tell you that you are ready for them.

    1. Detoxing of bowels, healing the illeocecal valve if you have that problem, Hulda Clark's Kidney Cleanse, support supplements for the immune system, liver cleanse, Heavy Metal detoxing, detox and organ strengthening frequencies, and the support of the body with the nutritional supplements I test you are low in.
    2. Killing all your virus, candida, parasites, bacteria and fungus with the Rife machine.
    3. After you are clear of all pathogens more detoxing and more strengthening and healing frequencies.
    4. A person that has been diagnosed with any known disease or health problem by a doctor should continue to see that doctor while they also do the rife to clear their pathogens. It is also recommended that they learn about how to eat a healthy diet, eat superfoods to get maximum nutrition to support their body's healing, explore the herbs, homeopathics and other healing supplements recommended by naturopaths and homeopaths and study the healing benefits of essential oils. They should also consider emotional therapy since Chinese Medicine says all disease is caused by negative emotions.

So do not think that killing your pathogens with the Rife machine alone will heal you of anything, there are more aspects to health than just killing bugs.
I had so much Candida due to my having taken antibiotics for 6 years for my Acne, that even the alternative doctors said there was nothing they could do, that as a result of all the toxins leaking into my blood through the holes the Candida made in my intestines I would get Cancer and die. The regular medical doctors told me I had a 50% chance of living after they took out my gallbladder but that there was nothing else they could do to help me. I was also bitten by a tick in my early twenties when I was working in Connecticut. I did not know anything about Lyme when I went through clearing the other pathogens with my Rife Machine which I found I had through doing muscle testing on myself. But luckily I Rifed myself enough for the other pathogens that I never got the advanced symptoms of Lyme, but I definitely had brain fog. Now, after using the Spooky2 in remote mode so that the whole body is covered at once, I am clear of all Lyme, Borrelia, Babesia, Ehrlichia and Bartonella based on biofeedback testing.
Gallstones are caused by parasites in the liver. The liver puts cholesterol around the live parasites to try to isolate them to keep them from eating the liver tissue. This is the same thing the body does when there are bacteria or virus in the arteries and veins. The cholesterol becomes the plaque that narrows them, and if there are pathogens in your arteries they are also going to be in your heart muscles and the arteries on the coronary arteries that feed the muscles of the heart. Gallstones go into the gallbladder as the liver puts out the bile needed to digest fat when you eat fat. If they are large they can get stuck in the bile duct going to the duodenum where fat is digested. This is called a gallbladder attack. If you were or are following the no fat diet to lose weight, which everyone was in the 70's and 80's, your gallbladder doesn't empty enough to put them out so they stay in the gallbladder and calcify with rough edges. These calcified stones continuously move around as the gallbladder squeezes bile out and cut the inside of the gallbladder causing infection. I lived for 20 years with an infection in my gallbladder.
So all my health problems came from some kind of pathogen (bacteria, virus, parasites, fungus or an overgrowth of Candida). They are the cause of most diseases or sickness, including 80% to 90% of all heart disease. We do inherit the pathogens of our mother in the womb and anyone who has had pets in their home as children or worked with animals will have gotten lots from them. Anyone who has ever taken antibiotics without taking probiotics within an hour or two will have killed many of their good gut bacteria which keeps Candida in its dormant state. Anyone who has eaten a lot of sugar or fruit juice as a child, even without ever having taken antibiotics, will have fed their Candida, as well as their other pathogens, causing it to multiply and eventually become systemic. This means it grows roots into the intestinal wall causing holes which allow your fecal matter to leak into your bloodstream. This is called Leaky Gut.
These pathogens and/or Candida put many toxins into your system, more than your body was designed to be able to get rid of, due to the digestive enzymes they put out to melt your cells so they can eat them since they do not have teeth. Cancer can only start in a body which has a lot of toxins because now it is acidic. Cancer cannot start in an alkaline environment. Since your immune system is in overwhelm fighting your inherited and acquired pathogens it cannot fight off the Lyme, AIDs and Herpes ll when you get bitten by a tick or have sex with an infected person. You will never heal yourself of anything that the medical system calls diseases unless you get rid of the pathogens first. You will never heal yourself of anything that the medical system calls diseases unless you get rid of the pathogens first.
Get rid of your pathogens and you will have fewer toxins for your body to deal with and thus your immune system will get stronger. It has been proven that it is toxins that kill us in the 1960's chicken heart experiment where a heart was kept alive for much longer than the life span of a chicken simply by feeding with the perfect nutrition and detoxing it completely on a daily basis. Fewer pathogens also mean a smaller amount of your overall body's energy is having to be allocated to your immune system to fight them so there is more energy for your body to do other things, like making the enzymes which clean up your veins and arteries and destroy mutated cells and tumours.
Parasite cleanses using Black Walnut, Wormwood and Cloves are only strong enough to do anything to the parasites in the gastro-intestinal tract. Also, putting poisons in the gastro-intestinal tract just causes many of the parasites to move to the joints where there is less blood flow and thus fewer white blood cells, the way the immune system kills pathogens, and wait until the coast is clear before they to return to the gastro-intestinal tract. Herbal parasite cleanses just will not kill all the parasites in your body and if any are left alive anywhere they will just re-establish themselves in the places that they were cleared out of.
Candida overgrowth continues until there is so much of it it goes systemic. This means because it is a plant like all other fungus it grows roots into the intestinal wall. The holes in your intestinal walls allow fecal matter to leak directly into your blood. Diets restricting sugar, carbs and fermented foods, taking Nystatin, probiotics and grapefruitseed oil will not kill systemic Candida because none of these can penetrate the intestinal lining in a strong enough amount or dosage to be able to kill the roots implanted there. Nothing you take orally can kill systemic Candida.

Beyond supplements and even medications

The Rife machine works by introducing frequencies into the body which correspond to the frequencies of the pathogens. These increase the vibration of the skin of the pathogens, just as you would pluck a guitar string, resulting in the skins breaking and the pathogens inner fluids leaking out. Whereas our cells have two layers of tightly packed proteins and fat molecules around them, the skins of the pathogens are one molecule thick and loosely attached together like a pearl necklace that is missing every 2nd or more pearls. So they are easy to rupture. If you want to see a picture of this happening under a microscope go to website. Rife machines have sound at the same frequencies as the electricity. While electricity cannot penetrate our cells, sound can. So the electricity rides piggyback on the sound and is carried into the cells to kill whatever pathogens are there, such as the Cancer, Lyme and the AIDs virus. Hulda Clark said our own cells are not effected or damaged due to the fact that they vibrate in a different range of frequencies than the pathogens do.
For the first year I had a Rife machine I used the lists of frequencies available on the internet and which come with most Rife machines when you buy them, including the ten frequencies above and ten frequencies below the recommended frequencies. I did not feel any better. Then I got a deep cut in my leg which became infected. Although I took penicillin it was still infected a month later. During this whole month I was treating it with the recommended frequencies from the internet in the above protocol with a pad on each side of the infected cut. Then I remembered the woman from Abbotsford who was using muscle testing to find the frequencies of the pathogens. Since I had already taken all the advanced courses in muscle testing, I muscle tested for the frequencies of the bacteria in my leg infection. I treated myself with these frequencies and on the next day the infection was gone.
Then I muscle tested for every type of pathogen that was on the internet lists to see if I had it, and for the ones I found I had, I muscle tested for their frequencies. I found that I had some kind of pathogen somewhere in my body scattered between the 3000 and 1100, and also on every number from 1,100 to 200, then a gap in the 100's, then again solid from 100 to 3. I also tested my muscles to see if I had any pathogens there and found that I had both fungus and bacteria in them. When you have pathogens in your muscles the medical establishment calls it Fibromyalgia, and my muscles were hard and hurt. When you have a lot of pathogens everywhere in your body it is called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


When I started to treat other people in muscle testing them, I found that the combination of all of their pathogens resulted in them having frequencies in a solid block with no breaks starting anywhere from 1,300 to 800 depending on the individual. They also had frequencies scattered anywhere from 7,000 Hz to the number where they become solid. If you look at the recommended frequencies in the lists on the internet and add in the ten up and ten down frequencies, you will find that there are always gaps in the numbers. So if you follow those lists you are bound to miss a lot of the pathogens. They found those frequencies by killing a few pathogens outside of a body in a controlled medium, then assumed that all the pathogens of that type would have the same frequencies everywhere and in everybody. But there are many kinds of toxins and every one's internal environment is different. Because all life must adapt and therefore change according to the environment they must survive in, the frequencies of the same pathogen will be different in different people. Plus many years have passed since those frequencies were originally found and pathogens mutate continuously.
Since all cells, hormones, food, etc. have antigens or flags on their surfaces to identify them and make them recognizable to the body, virus and bacteria hide from the immune system by making their antigens look very similar to the antigens of hormones or food. Moreover, some kinds of virus can temporarily inactivate killer immune cells. But once a pathogen has been killed by the Rife Machine the immune system recognizes the antigens on dead pathogens as identifying an unwanted life form and creates T-cells and B-cells to kill all the other pathogens with those antigens everywhere in the body. While the T-cells are reabsorbed soon after the pathogen is gone from the body, the B-cells live for 60 years and will go into action if the same type of pathogen tries to invade your body again.
The first Rife treatment you do should be only 10 to 20 minutes (if you are really sick start with only 5 minutes) because only a small number of dead or wounded pathogens is needed to alert the immune system to create the T-cells and B-cells required to clean up the larger kills in the following treatments. Too great a kill on the first day will make the detox systems of the body have to work too hard and rob the immune system of the energy needed to complete its work of making the T-cells and B-cells. The protocol of doing treatments every 3rd or 4th day is recommended so that a person has one day after a treatment to get through any detox reactions and then one or two days to feel the increase of energy that results from getting rid of some of the pathogens and to do what they have to for their day-to-day survival.
Although you could treat for the virus, candida/fungus and bacteria every day, parasites reproduce with eggs and so shed their eggs when they die. These eggs must have at least a day with no treatments so the eggs feel it is safe to hatch. Parasites eggs will be hatched by the 2rd day. They will be mature enough to have eggs within their bodies by the fifth day. So you have to treat and kill the newly hatched parasites before they get mature enough to have eggs in their bodies, that means on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th day. Lyme spirochettes also reproduce with eggs which are hatched and have eggs in their bodies by the morning of the 3rd day, so for Lyme you have to do treatments every second day.
Pathogens change their frequencies to avoid the electricity. So as you are going down through the numbers from the highest one that you have to the lowest one that you have, as the pathogens feel the electricity approaching they can change their frequencies to escape. Usually they flip downwards and so you will get them as you work downwards through the numbers from the highest frequency you have to the lowest one. Sometimes they change their frequency to one up above the frequency you are doing. If they flip upwards they usually only go up a few numbers so are still within the frequencies you have just done. But sometimes they can change their frequency to one that is higher than any number you originally had. The only way you can find them is with muscle testing. Since I found that pathogens always die quickly with few being able to flip their frequencies to get away on the numbers between 350 and 3, (except for one or two which always seem to flip up to either 10 & 11 or 25 & 26) the idea is to corral them down into these more powerful lower killing frequencies. Treating from the highest number to the lowest you will get the largest number of the pathogens that have changed their frequencies.
For example, if you were killing the pathogens on 50 new frequencies in each treatment if you did 1500 to 1450 in day one of treatments, either do 1500 to 1450 again immediately, or do 1500 to 1450 at the beginning of your next treatment. If you were going to wait to do the repeating, then in treatment two you do 1500 to 1400 in the second treatment, in treatment three you do 1450 to 1350.....etc. In the last treatment when you are doing the last 50 frequencies, you repeat these immediately. Then you must get muscle tested to find the frequencies of the eggs that have hatched from the parasites killed on those last 50 frequencies. Of course if you were strong enough to not experience a big tiredness after killing the pathogens on 100 new frequencies each time you gave yourself a treatment, then you would be doing 1500-1400 on treatment day one, then 1500-1300 on treatment day two, then 1400-1200 on treatment day three, etc.
Another reason to start treating at the highest number you have and work downwards is that most of the pathogens are on the numbers between 900 and 200 and 100 and 2. They only migrate to high frequencies when you have had pathogens a long time. Their home frequencies are all below 900. For some people big herxs start happening below about 1000, but if you have been supporting your immune system with the Liposomal Vit C and Liposomal Glutathione you might not have any herxs at all.
When you are killing the pathogens that are on the higher frequencies your initial die off will be small. This is good for two reasons. Your immune system will have enough energy available for its use to be able to make T cells and B cells to kill similar pathogens, whereas too big of a kill takes all the energy of the body to deal with the detoxing. Since 50% off all pathogens killed are killed by immune system and only 50% are actually killed by the rife machine you want your body to have enough energy to make the immune system work as well as possible. Also starting with the high frequencies you will be less likely to have a big herx than if you started with the lower frequencies. Any tiredness the day after the first Rife treatment will just be from your immune system working in the same way as it would if you caught a cold and is quickly dealt with by drinking lots of water and taking a nap. All tiredness will pass in a few hours if you do this. Big herxs scare people and they may stop giving themselves treatments if they begin by treating the frequency numbers anywhere from 1000 to 3 where the bulk of the pathogens are.
Treating from the hands and feet does not clear the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, stomach, spleen or pancreas so it is necessary to treat these organs individually by putting pads on the front and back of the body over the organ you are treating, or by putting your light plasma rife machine close to the organ within 1 inch and doing contact treatments with the same frequencies from the feet at the same time to discourage the pathogens from running out into the blood. After you have done your teeth either in contact mode or with a Plasma Light, your last treatment is done on your brain as many pathogens run there for safety from your entire body. Do this by putting the pads in the hollow blow and behind your ears, and keep the current low since the brain does not need a lot of power to clear it. If you get a headache you know you had the current too high.
Herpes, Lyme and many other types of bacteria and virus create reservoirs or nests protected by bio-film made of mucus and heavy metals so that neither the immune system nor any rife machine can get to the pathogens inside these nests, except for the Spooky2 in the remote mode of treatment. If you have parasites they too can be in this biofilm, layered with the Lyme and Herpes and many other kinds of pathogens. To break the bio-film down so that a regular type of electrical or plasma light Rife machine and your immune system can get at the pathogens inside the cysts do a Heavy Metal cleanse and take mega doses of Lumbrokinase and enzymes between meals. Or use the herb Cistus which Dr. Klinghardt recommends, or take Myco Plex or take Seaprose-S. This last one has been proven to dissolve mucus and is given in Japan to people who have colds. Many lyme people rotate these from month to month to keep the lyme from being able to adapt to the enzyme. Stevia extract from NutraMedix also works to some degree but do any of them totally work when you consider cysts are in the interstitial fluid, spine and other areas of the body that have less blood flow and therefore smaller concentrations of remedies taken orally. Dr. Klinghardt does not rely on them alone to break down the biofilm, he also uses bee venom injections. All of these supplements are unnecessary with the Spooky2 as it will kill the pathogens inside the biofilm when used in remote mode, but you do not want these clumps of fibrin hanging around in your body so best to do something to break them down. Bamboo Silica is supposed to do this too.
All of this is unnecessary with the Spooky2 used in remote mode as it will kill the pathogens inside the biofilm, but you do not want these clumps of fibrin hanging around in your body so best to do something to break them down. Bamboo Silica is supposed to do this too.
Lyme can live anywhere in the body and will just run to from the colon to the spine to the teeth to the brain to the colon to the eyes to the ears and back again, unlike most other pathogens which are adapted to live in specific organs and locations in the body. So Lyme will run back to a previously cleared up infection site. So with any regular rife machine that uses electricity and/or a plasma light you have to test and retest the entire body, and treat and retreat where necessary. After you have done enough treatments to no longer be having a herx, then you do a 6 to 12 hour long treatment marathon treating every place in your body all in one day. Then wait one day and repeat on the second day. But always be taking megadoses of Iodine to put a film around your cells so the no-skin stage cannot reenter the cells but must remain outside the cells in the spirochette form it adopts when it leaves a dying cell. So it is much faster and easier to kill lyme with the Spooky2 in remote mode since all of them that are on any particular frequency are killed everywhere in the body at once, including the ones in the cysts, bones, spine, nerves and cysts in nerves of the brain and the spine.


But for any of these systemic infections like Lyme, Herpes II and Cancer the Rife may not work unless the person either removes all exposure at night to EMFs or sets up the Spooky2 remote to send the earthing frequency of 7.83 Hz to themselves 24/7, but especially at night since at that time our auras are weaker and it is our auras that protect us from EMFs. Since your body will choose to vibrate along with a healthy frequency if it is available, this will give your body protection from everything. You must get rid of your cordless phone if you have one and get a landline telephone. If you are sleeping in the same room as your electrical panel, put Lakofsky Coils all over the electrical box to decrease the size of the electrical box's field to 1 foot so you are not sleeping within the regular 6-8 foot field of EMFs that it puts out. You should also unplug all wireless modums at night. Protection devices are a must when using the computer. There are grounding wrist straps and hand pads for the mouse from Earth Calm has a plug in for your entire house's electrical system which helps amazingly. Once you plug this in you will go through a 5 to 6 week detox as your immune system is no longer spending it's energy fighting an unknown enemy (it reads the the 60 Hz frequency of EMFs as an enemy) and will turn it's attention to healing your body. Orgone pyramids also help and you can make these yourself. Smart meters need the ChemBuster underneath them with the copper pipes touching the meter. Go to for instructions of how to make them. Shieldite from claims it can do everything better than the above.
Also there geopathic stress. A study done in Europe says 90% of all people who get Cancer are sleeping on negative leylines, or on or near Hartman Crosses. Orgone Pyramids combined with 10 Lakofsky coils will reverse the negative energy of a Hartman Cross. If you send me a scale drawing of your home I can tell you where the negative leylines are so you can just move your furniture so you are not sleeping or sitting on them. There is a way to reverse all the negative leylines in your home with Orgone blocks with crystals around a central cup and in a line directing this increased amount of energy into your home. These should be placed outside your home on the south wall.
People with systemic infections should also undertake therapies to deal with their negative emotional traumas from childhood to speed up their healing. Traumas depress your immune system and sabotage your taking the necessary steps to get better, like buying a rife machine or even actually using it when you have it. The unconscious holds the memories of all your traumas from this lifetime, all past lifetimes and the traumas of all your ancestors. The unconscious mind resides in the Back Brain which runs all autonomic systems in the body, so negative emotions and traumas depress the immune system. The Journey developed by Brandon Bays is a therapy that is very good. Google it for their workshops and practitioners. Emotional Freedom Technique is free on the internet, you can download it and save it onto CDs. The Emotional Code and the Body Code by Bradley Nelson is also very good. The Yuen Method is a must to remove your past life and ancestors' traumas from your DNA.

What rife machine?

Many people ask me what kind of rife machine they should buy. Any computer program based healing system (i.e. QX, Scenar, LifeSystem or Trinfinity-8) works by telling the immune system to remove pathogens based on their original antigen. Since the immune system only gets 70% to 85% because the pathogens change their antigens, the remaining 15% to 30% continue to multiply and in a short time you are back where you started. The only way to get every last one of the pathogens out of your body is the Rife Machine. If an operator of any of the above computer based healing systems tells you that they can rid your body of all your pathogens, do not believe it. A QX practitioner in Nanaimo, B.C., who was trained by Deepak Chopra and therefore more likely to be a moral person who was unwilling to lie for a few dollars, told a client of mine that the QX could not kill his Candida and to find someone who had a Rife Machine and to get treatments from them.
All Digital Electrical Rife Machines, if they cannot be tuned in the KHz range, can cause deep and painful skin burns if the square wave is used with the pads anywhere on the body except on the feet and hands where the skin is thicker. It is essential to be able to put pads front and back of the body over organs to be able to clear them as they do not clear if just treated from the hands and feet. The Rife Digital is in KHz range but has the problem of not being able to tune it into the Hz frequencies that have more than 2 digits. So if you are trying to send for example the home frequency of Candida which is 222, you can only do .22 or .23 in the KHz which is 22 or 23 Hz. But as an electrical machine it cannot kill pathogens in the spine, bone or in cysts.
The GB4000 does not cause burns if used in it's RF mode but will not clear the spine or lungs. This is because machines which just use electricity do not penetrate the spinal area because there is not enough blood flow there (the arteries and veins are smaller and of a smaller number than the ones in the main part of the body so the electricity will follow the larger arteries and veins in the body and skip over the small ones in the spinal area and lungs). While I can do many muscle tests to find the locations of the main infestations in these areas and the frequencies of the pathogens there, and a person could use the foot plates front and back of their bodies to cover a larger area at one time, still the pathogens will run to other areas of the body so it is a lengthy process to track them down and treat each area individually where I find them. The plasma light called the MOPA which can be used with the GB4000 cannot be used at the same time as its electrical pads so when you treat your spine with the MOPA anything in the spine and lungs run to other areas of the body. Tracking them down is again an arduous and lengthly process. You would have to buy 2 generators plus the amplifier and the MOPA to effectively treat yourself for lyme with this machine.
All plasma lights, the Beam Ray, the PERL, the Spooky Central and the MOPA, are too small to cover the entire body so pathogens run to other areas of the body to escape and you can never get totally clear using just a plasma light. You need to be inputting electricity by the feet and hands at the same time as using any plasma light to discourage this. The GB4000's plasma light called the MOPA cannot be used at the same time as its electrical pads unless you buy 2 generators. The Spooky2 Central can run both the plasma light and the electrical at the same time using the same frequency for both. Since you cannot send two separate frequencies at the same time or they cancel each other out, it is difficult to use an electrical machine from one company at the same time as a plasma light machine from another company.
Also, the Beam Ray, the PERL, and the MOPA, plasma rife lights have a limited range of full power output because their power is divided by 4 for every foot away from the light. It requires at least 50 watts to kill a pathogen. The Beam Ray has 500 watts in pulsed mode so its full power range is 2 feet. The MOPA has 215 watts so its full power range is also 2 feet. The PERL has 100 Watts so its full power range is 1 foot. The Beam Ray is too hot to put within a foot of your body, the MOPA can be. The PERL has to be right up against your skin but the stand it comes on makes this difficult to do. These plasma rife machines have a killing range of only a few feet at best and so even if you put them one inch away from your body they will only cover about 4 feet of your body with enough power to kill anything. This allows the pathogens to run to the head and lower body and joints to hide for awhile and return later to the organs and main trunk area.
While people can feel the vibrations of these Plasma lights at greater distances than 2 feet, and they even turn lights on and off in neighbouring rooms, this is only the carrier wave of 3.3 MHz or 3.1 MHz that they are feeling and which is turning the lights on and off. The carrier wave is used specifically because it has a large range of penetration and the theory is the other tuned in frequencies in the KHz and Hz ranges that actually do the killing will be carried or ride piggy back on the MHz. But if this was true why did my client who was treated by a naturopath in Hawaii with the Beam Ray come home with migraine headaches and joint pain that he never had before?
The BCX Ultra however has both electrical pads and a Plasma light which can be used at the same time with no loss of power to each. So if you are hooked up to the electrical pads and put the plasma wands on the skin (they are cool enough for you to be able to do this) over the section of the body you are treating the pathogens are not only discouraged from running, the 20 watts of the electrical is added to the 40 watts of the wands so you get more than enough power to kill. Also the design of the wands makes sure the photons from the wands goes all the way through the body thus clearing it in a more effective way than the MOPA or the PERL. But the BCX cannot kill the lyme, bacteria and virus that are in cysts unless you first do frequencies to break down the biofilm. When this happens the pathogens spill out into the body and go who knows where so you have to muscle test again and again to find them and treat one section of the body at a time to kill them. This allows the pathogens to run to the head and lower body to hide for awhile and return later to the organs and main trunk area.
But, the reasonably priced Spooky2 ( and to purchase it) can be used in it's remote mode to kill everything in the whole body including everything in the cysts in the organs, spinal area, head, teeth, ears, brain, nerves and lungs all at once. The pathogens in cysts, nerves and bones just need a longer treatment time for each frequency. Although you may need to spend 10 to 30 min. on each number depending on what I test for you to do, and 30-40 min. on each frequency for pathogens in the cysts and 50-60 min. for the pathogens that borrow into the bones to escape, and more for the ones in the nerves and then the ones that go into cysts in the nerves, all of the pathogens on each frequency are killed everywhere in the body at once so nothing can run and hide. Moreover, the kill rate is so slow your body can handle clearing out the dead pathogens without in most cases your having any herxs (as long as you have done the preliminary cleanses I tell you to do and especially if you breath oxygen). In the end it is faster than the other kinds of rife machines (except for the Pulsed Tech which is also a scalar rife machine but which costs $5,000) because all other types of rife machines on the market today can only clear a section of the body at a time.
Because the Central Plasma Light of the Spooky2 is cool enough to lay on the skin you can use the electrical with the Light in the same way as the BCX can to up the wattage power being delivered in the section of the body you are treating. Since you always want to clear your colon first, if you put it over the colon at the same time as you are using the contact mode connected to the feet you increase the amount of power so none of the pathogens can change their frequencies to escape. The electricity from the contact mode also keeps them from running to other places in the body. But when the Central and the contact mode is used at the same time as the remote for any organ you are treating it is even more effective as the remote will be working on clearing your head, spine, lungs, cysts, nerves and bones so when the time comes to focus on clearing these areas I find fewer pathogens in them. The Central does glitch and turn on and off below 100 Hz so it misses many pathogens on these frequencies. If they run into joints, spine or lungs you can kill them with the remote, if they just end up in the blood or interstitial fluid or organs you can kill them with the electrical pads.