How The Rife Machine Saved My Life

"I am putting up this site so people who are sick will know there is an answer for their health problems, no matter what the doctors say."
- Margaret Munn

How The Rife Machine Saved My Life

Individual Testing for Rife Frequencies

Using remote muscle testing done on Skype or by telephone I tell you what pathogens you have, what frequencies to use to kill them, and how to use your Rife Machine in the most effective way.
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Rife Practicioner Education

I offer a training course book on how to find the correct frequencies for the killing of all pathogens and how to use all types of Rife Machines in the correct way. This book is only for Health Practitioners who already know how to do muscle testing accurately.
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Pathogens are at the root of most health problems. Rife machines, or frequency therapy, can eliminate pathogens allowing the regaining of health.

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My Rife Protocol

I test you with remote muscle testing over the phone or by Skype and tell you what kinds of pathogens (bacteria, virus, Candida/fungus,parasites) you have and the frequencies that they have so that you can treat yourself with your own rife machine. The Spooky2 rife machine is necessary to remove all pathogens from your entire body. If you own another kind of rife machine it can be used in the initial stages to clear the colon, organs and teeth but eventually you will have to buy the Spooky2 since it is the only machine that can kill every where in the body at the same time including all the bacteria, virus and lyme that are inside cysts. You can never get clear with a machine that kills in only a part of the body, like all electrical and plasma light rife machines do, since the pathogens just run to the areas that are not being treated.

Pathogens are a contributing factor or the cause of most health problems. They put more toxins into your body than your body can get rid of from their own metabolic processes and the toxic digestive enzymes they put out to melt your cells so they can eat you since they do not have teeth. Cancer can only start in a body which has a lot of toxins because now it is acidic. Cancer cannot start in an alkaline environment.

If your immune system is in overwhelm fighting your inherited and acquired pathogens it cannot fight off the Lyme, AIDs and Herpes ll when you get bitten by a tick or have sex with an infected person. Also, it will not be able to fight off colds and flu. You will never completely heal yourself of anything that the medical system calls diseases unless you get rid of the pathogens first. Herbs or drugs given by medical doctors or naturopathic doctors cannot kill all your pathogens because they are only in strong enough concentration to kill in the gastrointestinal tract. They are not even able to kill all the pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract since the pathogens just move away from the poison to other parts of your body until the poison has moved through your system, then they return to the gastrointestinal tract. Get rid of your pathogens and you will have fewer toxins for your body to deal with and thus your immune system will get stronger. It has been proven that it is toxins that kill us in the 1960's chicken heart experiment where a heart was kept alive for 3 times longer than the life span of a chicken simply by feeding it with the perfect nutrition and detoxing it completely on a daily basis.

I had so much Candida due to my having taken antibiotics for 6 years for my Acne, that even the alternative doctors said I was too far gone and there was nothing they could do. That as a result of all the toxins leaking into my blood through the holes the Candida rootlets made in my intestines I would get Cancer and die. I was bitten by a tick in my early twenties when I was working in Connecticut and got Lyme, Borrelia, Babesia, Ehrlichia and Bartonella. Due to growing up with pets in the home and many years of riding horses I had lots of parasites also. Gallstones are made when the liver puts cholesterol around parasites to keep them from eating it. If one gets stuck in the gallbladder it becomes calcified with jagged edges. When it moves it cuts the inside of the gallbladder causing continuous infection. I had to have my gallbladder removed in 1990.

In 2000 I bought an electrical Rife machine and for a the first year of giving myself treaments I used the lists of frequencies available on the internet and which come with most Rife machines when you buy them called the CAFL frequency list. I also treated myself with the ten frequencies above and the ten frequencies below the CAFL frequencies. I did not feel any better and still had the recurring vaginal infections which are caused by Candida. Then I got a deep cut in my leg which became infected. I treated it daily with CAFL frequencies for bacteria with a pad on each side of the infected cut for a month, and all of this time I was also taking penicillin, with no success. Then I remembered the woman from Abbotsford who was using muscle testing to find the frequencies of the pathogens. Since I had already taken all the advanced courses in'muscle testing, I tested for the frequencies of the bacteria in my infection. I treated myself with these frequencies and the next day the infection was gone and the skin was growing over the cut.

Then I muscle tested myself for every type of pathogen that was on the CAFL lists to see if I had it, and for the ones I found I had, I muscle tested for their frequencies. I found that I had some kind of pathogen somewhere in my body scattered between 3000 and 1100, and also on every number from 1,100 to 1. If you look at the recommended frequencies in the CAFL lists for any single category of pathogen that you think you have or have been told you have and add in the ten up and ten down frequencies, you will find that there are always gaps between the frequencies. So if you follow those lists you are bound to miss a lot of the pathogens. You may be having herxs and feeling better doing these CAFL frequencies but the ones you missed will keep on multiplying so you will never be able to stop rifing and never get to feeling as good as you could feel if you killed everything. They found those frequencies by killing a few pathogens under a microscope to find what frequencies killed that sample. Then they assumed that all the pathogens of that type would have the same frequencies everywhere and in everybody.

But there are many kinds of toxins and every one's internal environment is different. Because all life must adapt and therefore change according to the environment they must survive in, the frequencies of the same pathogen will be different in different people. Also the number of any particualar type of pathogen you have depends on how long you have had it, as they multiply the number of frequencies multiply also. Plus many years have passed since those frequencies were originally found and pathogens mutate continuously by interbreeding with the other pathogens in your body. Also if you study the categories of pathogens you will find many in different categories that have many of the same physical characteristics so is the dividing up of pathogens under different names a totally accurate thing to do? For example: strongyloides, threadworms, nematodes, trematodes and pinworms are all roundworms and so have many of the same names included in their subspecies list. In fact pathogens scientists are constantly moving subspecies from one from one category to another depending on what the research scientist thinks are the most important physical characteristics determining a category of pathogen. Moveover, when you start rifing with any kind of rife machine the pathogens change their frequencies to escape, so you end up with pathogens on frequencies they were not on in the first testing. That is why many testings are necessary and the CAFL frequency lists as well as any preset program even in the Spooky2 database just do not work.

The electrical Rife Machine I used from 2001 to 2016 did drive the lyme and its coinfections into cysts so I did feel better. But electrical rife machines cannot kill anything inside cysts or anywhere in the spine so everytime I had a period or didn't eat right or went through some stressful experience (all of which depress the immune system), whatever was in the cysts just came out and started multiplying again so I knew I was still in trouble and not totally healed. Now, after using the Spooky2 in remote mode so that the whole body is covered at once and all of my pathogens that were inside of cysts, bones, joints and bone marrow are gone. I am clear of all my pathogens including the lyme and all of its co-infections based on biofeedback testing.

But the Rife will not work to kill Cancer if you do radiation or chemotherapy and your healing will either be slowed down or not happen at all if you are taking any drugs. All drugs are damaging to the body because they are doing the opposite thing to what you are trying to do with the Spooky2 and its new scalar machine. Drugs depress the bodies functioning including its ability to detox. Radiation and chemotherapy kill all the good cells too but we need the good cells of the immune system to clean up the 50% of the pathogens that are not killed outright by the rife but are just wounded. Without a strong immune system the wounded pathogens can heal themselves.

Healing requires at least 4 stages or parts which will overlap in their execution or be done one after another when I tell you that you are ready for them.

1. Bowel cleanse, healing the illeocecal valve if you have that problem, Hulda Clark's Kidney Cleanse, support supplements for the immune system and the body as a whole. I test what vitamins and minerals you are low in.

2. Killing all your virus, candida, parasites, bacteria and fungus with the Rife machine and doing the frequencies I give you for Heavy Metal cleansing.

3. After you are clear of all pathogens more detoxing, Cyruta to clean out your blood vessels, the Vitamin E protocol to strengthen your heart. Supplements to get rid of inflammation of the cell walls.

4. Learn about how to eat a healthy diet, eat superfoods to get maximum nutrition to support their body's healing, explore the herbs, homeopathics and other healing supplements recommended by naturopaths and homeopaths and study the healing benefits of essential oils.

So killing your pathogens with the Rife machine alone is not enough. I am not a doctor and I am not practicing medicine, I am just showing you how to do some of the things necessary to achieve wellness which in my own healing journey were essential.


But for any of these systemic infections like Lyme, Herpes II and Cancer the Rife may not work unless the person decreases the amount of EMFs they are exposed to especially while sleeping. The Spooky2 remote can be set up to send the earthing frequency of 7.83 Hz 24/7. Since your body will choose to vibrate along with a healthy frequency if it is available, the 7.834 Hz frequency will help to give your body protection from everything. You must get rid of your cordless phone if you have one and get a land line telephone. If you are sleeping in the same room as your electrical panel, put Lakhofsky Coils all over the door to decrease the size of the electrical box's field to 1 foot so you are not sleeping within the regular 6-8 foot field of EMFs that it puts out. You should also unplug all WiFi at night or better yet get rid of all WiFi devices. Protection devices are a must when using the computer. There are grounding wrist straps and foot pads from Earth Calm has a plug in for your entire house's electrical system which helps amazingly. Once you plug this in you will go through a 5 to 6 week detox. Orgone pyramids also help and you can make these yourself. Smart meters need the ChemBuster underneath them with the copper pipes touching the meter or some kind of sheilding. has instructions for how to make ChemBusters. Also buy a meter totest all electrical outlets for dirty electriciy and put filters on the ones you found leaking. Do research on the internet to find devices to protect you from EMFs.

Also there geopathic stress. A study done in Europe says 90% of all people who get Cancer are sleeping on negative leylines, or on or near Hartman Crosses, because these depress the immune system. Orgone Pyramids combined with 10 Lakofsky coils will reverse the negative energy of a Hartman Cross. If you become my client send me a scale drawing of your home and I can tell you where the negative leylines are so you can just move your furniture so you are not sleeping or sitting on them. There is a way to reverse all the negative leylines in your home with Orgone blocks with crystals around a central cup and in a line directing this increased amount of energy into your home. These should be placed outside your home on the south wall upside down so they do not fill with rainwater or snow.

People with systemic infections should also undertake therapies to deal with their negative emotional traumas from childhood. The unconscious holds the memories of all your traumas. The unconscious mind resides in the Back Brain which runs all autonomic systems in the body, so negative emotions and traumas depress the immune system. The Journey developed by Brandon Bays works. Google it for their workshops and practitioners. There are uTube videos showing you how to do FastEFT. The Emotional Code and the Body Code by Bradley Nelson are simplified versions of what a trained Kinesiologist does, but they do not work unless you have someone else testing you since no one can test themselves accurately. The Yuen Method is a must to remove your past life and ancestors traumas from your DNA.