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The Kvantum BioScan is a health assessment and energy healing biofeedback Diagnostic Device.

The Kvantum BioScan uses light wave resonance to scan and detect the functional status of all parts of the body then uses frequencies sent by the light waves to treat and heal any problems it finds. The amazing thing about this machine is that it tells you about underlying problems that have not yet manifested into a disease or dysfunction so you have time to fix them before you get sick.

The Kvantum BioScan software works automatically with just one click to scan the organs one after another. This automatic mode can be interrupted at any moment if you want to stop on a particular organ to begin the healing treatments. Or you can choose to just manually scan the organs of your choice. The functional status of the organ is shown by symbols with numbers in them to designate how bad any weakness is that it finds. The numbers range from 1 to 6, 6 being the worst. If it detects a weakness at the level of 5 or 6 it goes deeper there to scan the part or parts of the organs that are showing 5's or 6's. Then it goes to the underlying tissue of that part of the organ to find the cause of this weakness. If there is an underlying problem affecting the tissue it goes deeper, first it goes into the cells, then into parts of the cells (perhaps nucleus of the cells or the ribosomes), and from there into the Chromosomes and from there into the DNA helix. At this point you can go deeper yourself to heal the proteins molecules that make up DNA. Or it may go to the mitochondria and may find problems in the RNA or ATP or other parts of the mitochondria. Again you have the option to go deeper to heal the protein molecules that make up the RNA and DNA. A graph for each area scanned tells you if there are metastasic changes, if cancer is starting, so that you can heal it before a tumour grows.